Ukrainian Boris Johnson Caught Drunk Driving in the Netherlands

Police in Groningen, the Netherlands, recently pulled over a driver who presented a rather unusual driver’s license, one issued by Ukraine to Boris Johnson, the former UK prime minister.

Last Saturday, traffic police in Groningen spotted a car hitting a sidewalk post and casually continuing on its way. A police crew managed to pull over the vehicle on the Emma Bridge and asked the driver to blow into a breathalyzer. the 35-year-old man, whose identity has not been made public, initially refused to take the alcohol test, but a subsequent blood test proved that he had indeed consumed alcohol before getting behind the wheel of the car. But there was something else that really attracted the police officers’ attention – when asked to show their driver’s license, the man produced a rather unusual one…

Groningen police recently tweeted a photo of the offender’s driver’s license, and you won’t believe who it was – Former UK prime minister Boris Johnson. It was his name on the document, and his true place and date of birth, but the permit had apparently been issued by Ukraine and had the year 3,000 as an expiration date.

“Unfortunately for the person, we did not fall for the counterfeit driving license,” the Groningen police department tweeted.

It’s not clear how the driver got their hands on the fake driver’s license, or if they are a Ukrainian citizen, but according to one Twitter user who responded to the tweet of the Groningen Police Department such documents are very popular at Ukrainian souvenir shops.

“I have ones with Merkel and Zelenskyy,” Kysia Hekster wrote.

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