Walk on Beer With These Limited-Edition Sneakers With Beer-Filled Soles

Dutch beer company Heineken recently teamed up with sneaker designer and customizer Dominic Ciambone, aka The Shoe Surgeon, to create a special sneaker with beer-filled soles.

To celebrate the launch of Heineken’s newest product, Heineken Silver, the Dutch brewer commissioned The Shoe Surgeon to create a sneaker that embodied the identity of their smooth, easy-to-drink new beer, and he delivered. The so-called “Heinekicks” feature the company’s iconic color scheme – green, white and red – as well as the Heineken logo, and handy bottle openers built into the tongues. But what really sets them apart from any other sneakers is the liquid floating in their transparent soles – actual Heineken Silver beer.

Using a specialized surgical injection method, Dominic Ciambone created the first ever pair of sneakers that allow the wearer to walk on beer. And, apparently, it’s not just about the look, as the soles also provide a smooth and comfortable walking experience inspired by Heineken Silver. The fluid shifting inside the sole as you walk is said to provide a unique feeling.

“Partnering with Heineken for their new beer was a fun challenge,” Ciambone said. “We both share a passion for innovation and pushing boundaries and created a design to reflect that. The shoe not only embodies the energy of Heineken Silver, but literally carries it. I can’t say I’ve ever designed a sneaker that contains actual beer before.”

Unfortunately, unless you live in Singapore, the chances of getting your hands on one of the only 32 pairs of Heinekicks that will ever hit the market are slim to none. The kicks will only release in the small island nation, with the first seven pairs expected to land in Q4 2022. The price is yet to be announced.

These Heinekicks reminded us of another unique project we featured a while back, the MSCHF x INRI Jesus Shoes, 97 pairs of limited edition Nike sneakers featuring transparent soles filled with holy water from the Jordan River.