Whitening Cream Sparks Controversy As Before And After Pics Show Shocking Difference

Thai social media has been abuzz about a particular skin whitening cream after a number of online promoters published before and after photos which suggested that the cream worked a bit too well.

Skin whitening creams are big business in South-East Asia, with many brands competing to attract the millions of people obsessed with having a fairer complexion. One of the best ways to do that is social media promotion, only some so-called influencers often try too hard when pitching a product to their audience, as was recently the case with a whitening cream called Milk Lotion Whitening Skin. Before-and-after pictures doing the rounds online this past week showed some pretty dramatic changes, with users’ skin going from light brown to a macabre white.

On June 16, photos showcasing the alleged skin bleaching power of Milk Lotion Whitening Skin went viral, but not for the reason the original posters had hoped. People were just shocked by the whiteness of the skin in the after photos, with some claiming that it looked like the skin of a dead person, a White Walker, or even that of Powder protagonist Jeremy “Powder” Reed.

Judging by the general feedback, the photos  not only failed to convince people to buy the cream, but actually managed to freak out many of them.

“This kind of dead white is more suitable for zombie movie special effects,” one person wrote on Facebook.

“That arm looks like a dead person’s,” someone else commented.