“Who’s Your Daddy?” Van Offers DNA Tests on the Go

Believe it or not, there’s actually a van dubbed “Who’d Your Daddy?” driving through New York offering men the chance to find out if they are really the fathers of their babies. As you might expect, business is going well.

You could say this unique RV parked randomly on the streets of New York sells on-the-spot piece of mind to fathers who want to know if the children they’re raising are really theirs, but Jared Rosenthal, the driver of “Who’s Your Daddy?” describes it as “heartbreak hotel”. He charges $299 to $575 per test and gives clients the choice of having the results delivered in person or by mail. The unique van has shocked quite a few New-Yorkers since it first started operating in the Big Apple, but for fathers looking for an answer to their burning question it’s been a welcomed solution. “Something about the RV makes it more intimate and people open up. It makes it easier for them,” Rosenthal said.

“It’s just drama, a lot of drama. You see a man come in with a baby. You see them together and you just hope that he’s the father,” Rosenthal told the New York Post. One of his most heartbreaking memories was of a man who loved his child so much that he tattooed his face on his chest, only to find out he wasn’t the father, after taking the DNA test while going through a divorce. The young driver remembers that guy kept calling him for two weeks asking what he should do under the circumstances. He also has mothers coming in with samples from their spouses, without them knowing about it.


But Jared Rosenthal says Who’s Your Daddy has also produced good news and happy moments, like when they helped reunite a 44-year-old man from Harlem with his long lost 20-year-old daughter. He had seen the van driving around town and the “who’s your daddy?” sign and realized that’s where should go for his answer. Whether we like it or not, the service provided by Who’s Your Daddy is in high demand. “It’s not something people talk about, but there is a big need for it,” Rosenthal said.

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