Woman Allegedly Finds Sanitary Pads in Her Hotpot Two Days in a Row

And the title for the world’s unluckiest diner goes to… A woman in Shenzen, China, who claims to have found sanitary pads in her hotpot, two days in a row, at two separate restaurants.

The woman, known only as ‘Ni’ allegedly found the first sanitary pad while enjoying a hotpot at a restaurant chain called Haidilao, last Friday. In a video that has since went viral online, she can be seen pulling the bizarre object out of her meal and inspecting it. The woman later alerted restaurant staff about her disgusting discovery and asked to talk to the manager, who, after inspecting the object himself, explained that it was probably paper wrapping from the meat. However, the woman dismissed his explanation, claiming that it clearly looked like a sanitary pad. She then proceeded to demand a 1 million yuan compensation from the restaurant.

After arguing with the manager of the hotpot restaurant, Ni allegedly lowered her demands to 500,000 yuan, but she was refused again. According to the Southern Metropolis Daily, the woman left Haidilao empty-handed, only to come back the next day with a companion, demanding that she receive compensation. This time, during her argument with the restaurant staff, Ni and her companion started damaging the furniture, at which point the police were called.

In the end, the Haidilao restaurant decided to refund Ni 800 yuan for her trouble, and that was supposed to be the end of it, only the next day, police received a call from another Shenzen restaurant about a woman who was asking an outrageous compensation after allegedly finding a sanitary pad at the bottom of her hotpot. The woman turned out to be Ni.

What are the odds of someone finding sanitary pads in a meal, at two restaurants, two days in a row? Not very high, right? Either sanitary pads are becoming a staple of Chinese cuisine, or something about Ni’s claims smells fishy.

Anyway, just as in the Haidilao case, the woman asked for a sizeable compensation in order to keep her mouth shut about the discovery, but was again refused. Confronted by police about the bizarre coincidence she found herself at the center of, Ni insisted that she is doing a public service.


“I do not want any big compensation, I only want the truth,” the woman said, adding that the 1 million yuan compensation she originally demanded from Haidilao came “in the heat of the moment”.

Police are still investigating, but I think the woman’s intentions are about as obvious as they can be.

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