Woman Assaulted in Nightclub Goes to the Hospital, Discovers Doctor Is Alleged Assaulter, Gets Beat Up Again

A young woman from the Russian Republic of Iacutia who was allegedly assaulted in a local disco went to the hospital to have her wounds registered so she could press charges, but was shocked to discover that the doctor on duty was the same man who had attacked her. Instead of checking her wounds, the doctor started hitting her again.

A short video that has been doing the rounds on Russian social media for the past couple of days shows doctor Vladimir Naumov threatening and physically assaulting 20-year-old Anastasia Dmitrieva, at the hospital in Neryungri, eastern Russia. The woman had allegedly come to the hospital to have the wounds she had sustained a few hours earlier, at the local disco, looked at, only to find that doctor Naumov was the same man who had inflicted them.

“Many witnesses will prove that you were the first to attack me,” Naumov is heard saying in the video, right before slamming his fist on the woman’s hand. He adds that she faces jail if she tries to file a complaint against him, and then hits the woman’s hand again. She continues to argue with him and he eventually loses his cool completely, getting up from his chair to grab the woman. Luckily, a hospital nurse steps in to stop him before he has a chance to hurt Dmitrieva even more, and that’s where the video stops.

Naumov has since tried to explain that he was set up, and that Dmitrieva and a group of her friends had actually assaulted a colleague of his at the disco. He had just stepped in to help the woman, as any other honorable man would have done, but never meant to injure anyone. As for his behavior at the hospital, the Russian doctor admitted that he was “angry and full of adrenaline” after seeing his colleague’s attackers again, but added that he was provoked. Health chiefs in Yakutia refused to accept Naumov’s explanation and fired him from the hospital.

“I have been working here for one and a half years,” Naumov told Sakha Day. “During that time, I saved many people and now everything I did is ruined by this video.”

According to doctor Naumov, what occurred at the local disco and at the hospital was completely different than what the media has been propagating online. The doctor claims that on New Year’s Eve, he was at the nightclub with some friends, Garelma, a young midwife from his hospital, stumbled toward their table. She had been attacked by a group of women, for no apparent reason. Garelma had just moved to Neryungri, so she didn’t really know anyone, and he assumed that the attackers just considered her an easy target.

The doctor claims that he had a friend take Garelma home, and then left as well, as his night was ruin. Later that night, he got a phone call from the hospital that a young woman had come in to have her wounds registered after an alleged assault. That woman was Anastasia Dmitrieva, who had apparently sustained a contusion of the peri-ocular area, while being dragged off of Garelma, at the nightclub.

While treating the woman’s wounds, Garelma also arrived at the hospital to have her injuries checked, and was immediately attacked by Dmitrieva’s friends. Naumov and another nurse tried to stop them, and allegedly suffered a few blows and scratches in the process. That’s when he realized that these same women had assaulted his colleague at the disco, and kind of lost his cool.

Naumov’s version has been confirmed by Garelma, who complained that the media only built their story on the viral video that was taken out of context.

“You know, if Vladimir Naumov had not intervened, I might not be here today,” Garelma told Sakha Day. “I myself saw the video, and understand the emotions of the doctor. The girls were aggressive, like a pack of wolves that had chosen a victim and did not back off.”

The midwife even gave a statement to the police, but it didn’t help Naumov keep his job. After all, the video clearly shows him assaulting a seated woman who does not fight back in any way. Even if his version of prior event is true, that’s no way for a doctor to behave.

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