Woman Claims Overeating Gives Her Orgasms

Gabi Jones, a 25-year old woman from Colorado, suffers from a rare medical condition that causes her to have orgasms every time she feasts on foods she likes.

Doctors have diagnosed Gabi’s strange case as persistent genital arousal disorder, which causes her to have orgasms without any sexual arousal. The young woman experienced her first food orgasm in her late teen years, while enjoying a frozen treat at an ice-cream parlour. Although it happened years ago, Gabi remembers she loved the smooth texture of the ice-cream on her tongue, when she felt a tingle in the genital area.” Then the pressure kept building until suddenly it swept through my body. I felt light-headed and flushed.” she says, adding that even though she was stunned by what had happened, she had no doubt it was an orgasm.

All of Gabi’s friends thought she was making things up, but every time she ate rich, creamy desserts, she felt that tingling between her legs. Some women would have felt a little worried, but this food-lover went out and got herself an ice-cream maker so she could enjoy knee-trembling orgasms any time she wanted. Gabi Jones has put on 209 pounds in the last five years and now weighs 490 pounds, but she is perfectly happy with her figure.

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At the age of 17, doctors told Gabi she was genetically disposed to being obese, and that’s when she stopped looking at herself as fat and disgusting, and decided to accept the fact that she was big and beautiful. She had noticed some men were attracted to her, so she embraced her sexuality and love for food. The bigger she got the sexier she felt, the more orgasms she had. At one point, Gabi Jones realized there was money to be made from her passion for food, so she set up a website (www.GainingGabi.com) where thousands of men pay $16 a month to watch her stuff her face with food until she climaxes.

Photo via GainingGabi

”When I indulge, I never rush. I take my time and treat all meals as very sexual experiences,” Gaby says, but although she knows it brings some men pleasure to see how much pleasure food gives her, she’s not doing it for them. Miss Jones is really doing it for fat women everywhere, in an attempt to help them feel beautiful and sexy. She doesn’t understand why some people look at her and say stuff like ‘You should be ashamed of yourself, you’re so unhealthy and fat’, when apart from being morbidly obese she’s perfectly healthy, which is more than anyone can say for other, slimmer people.

Her case sounds a lot like that of Donna Simpson, who actually wants to become the fattest woman in the world…

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