Woman Denounces Female Neighbor for Hanging Her Underwear in Plain Sight to Seduce Her Husband

Police in Quintana Roo, Mexico, recently received an unusual complaint from a local woman who accused her 23-year-old neighbor of hanging her underwear in plain sight in order to seduce her husband.

42-year-old Yuvitza E. decided to file a formal accusation against her “shameless” young neighbor, accusing her of breaking “good morals and decency”. She told police officers that it was no coincidence her young neighbor always washed her thongs on Saturday, around noon, when her husband was at home and free to gawk at her from their home. Yuvitza explained that she had repeatedly walked in on her husband staring at their neighbor’s underwear, and despite asking the woman to quit trying to seduce her man, she kept at it.

Photo: Fahad Waseem/Unsplash

Yuvitza reportedly asked the police to arrest the young woman for lack of morals and decency, but they politely informed her that the 23-year-old woman had done nothing illegal. Police visited the scorned wife at her home and advised her to avoid future conflicts of this nature by having a dialogue both with her neighbor and her husband. 

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