Woman Seeks Divorce from Husband Too Busy Studying for Career Exam

An Indian woman recently made national news headlines for seeking divorce from her husband on grounds that he is so busy studying for the nationwide UPSC examination that he spends almost no time with her.

The unnamed woman, who hails from the city of Bhopal,  has alleged in family court that her husband spends all day preparing for the difficult UPSC (Union Public Service Commission) exam, never has time to go out with her, and sometimes doesn’t speak a word to her. She also told a counselor at the District Legal Service Authority in Bhopal that her husband is always too busy studying to take her out shopping or to watch a movie, and doesn’t even visit his relatives. After a while, it all got too much to bear, so she decided to get a divorce.

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Wanting to hear the other side of the story, the state-paid counselor called the woman’s husband in for a session and learned that he has nothing to complain about as far as his wife is concerned. He admitted to focusing all of his time and attention to the UPSC exam, claiming that he had dreamed of passing it ever since he was a child. At the same time, he admitted that his marital status has become unstable because of his obsession with studying for the Civil Serices exam, and said that he doesn’t want to complicate things further.

After hearing both sides, the counselor asked them to take some time, reconsider their decision and see if they can work things out. It’s unclear whether the two went through with the divorce.

via India Today

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