World’s Heaviest Man Gets Married

Manuel Uribe, the World’s Heaviest man Record holder, according to Guinness Book of Records, tied the not with his beloved Claudia Solis. despite losing 550lbs out of the 1,230 he weighed back in 2006 when he got his title, Uribe was not able to leave the bed he has been confined to for the past years. The bed was decorated in white and loaded on the back of a truck and carried to the place where the ceremony took place.

More than 400 people and multiple camera crews enjoyed the wedding party, but Uribe stuck to his diet and resisted tasting the five-tier cake prepared for the event. Manuel Uribe announced earlier this year that his goal is to stand up at the altar for his wedding on October 26, but unfortunately he wasn’t able to. During the couple’s first dance Claudia held Manuel’s hand while she swayed to the music.

Manuel Uribe plans to reach the weight of 220 pounds in the next few years. Good luck!





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