World’s Proudest Grandma Plasters Grandchildren’s Photos on Virtually Everything

Grandmas are usually proud of you even if you so much as sneeze, but this North Carolina woman has taken granny-love to a whole new level. 66-year-old retiree Carmen Baugh is so enamoured with her grandkids that she’s converted her living room into a shrine of sorts, with their photographs plastered across the wallpaper, curtains, and even cushions.

Carmen got the idea to do up her home with her grandchildren’s faces when she moved from Charlotte to Raleigh. She looked at lots of different wallpaper and curtain samples before deciding to design her own. “My grandson and granddaughter are my pride and joy so why not decorate my home with their faces on?” she asked herself.

So instead of just using framed photos of her grandkids, she decided to have a specially-made wallpaper featuring over 30 different photographs of theirs. And she liked it so much that she went on to design a similar fabric for her curtains and cushions, and then used it to make herself a top as well! 



“When we moved in, the living room had no furniture in it and there was one blank wall that needed decorating and I thought it would be a good place to show off the grandkids,” Carmen explained. “I went online looking for ways to display my photos. It suddenly struck me a good way for me to display my photos was a collage, so I started making wallpaper. I made some curtains too with the fabric made up, and cushions. I also made myself a top with them.”



Carmen says her husband Bob doesn’t mind the unusual decor. “He adores our grandkids and thinks it’s a fun room,” she said. “But it is rather intense so if he ever wants to get away from it, we have lots of other rooms he can go to. My friends and neighbors think it’s brave. It’s just a bit different.”



But a few of Carmen’s friends and loved ones, including her daughter Kristin, 40, and son-in-law Scott, 42, were ‘taken aback’ when they first saw the living room. “When I showed Kristin the room, she said, ‘Oh my,’ but my grandkids came in and were pointing at their faces on the wallpaper and saying, ‘It’s me!’ They were very excited. However, some people thought it was mad. My older sister, Mary, asked how long I was going to keep it up. I don’t think she believed me when I said I wasn’t taking it down.”



Regardless of others’ opinions, Carmen is super happy with her living room and plans to keep it that way for a long time. “I am the world’s proudest grandma. I call my sitting room my pride and joy room,” she declared. And the room’s great for her grandkids to play hide-and-seek in as well – all they have to do is stand against the walls and instantly ‘disappear’.


Source: via The Telegraph