Would You Spend $60 on a Pair of Underwear That Has Been Hung in Hawaiian Air for Two Days?

It’s a dumb question, I know, but that’s exactly what Japanese company Seiren is trying to find out with its limited-edition of Deoest cotton underwear called Hawaiian Breeze. Apparently, each pair of boxer briefs were hung on a clothesline in the U.S. island state for 48 hours before being packaged in a sealed glass container.

To promote its Deoest line of anti-odor men’s underwear, Japanese company Seiren has taken the effort of hanging 100 pairs of the new boxer briefs on a giant clothesline in Hawaii, where they were caressed by the gentle tropical breeze for two full days before being taken down and stuffed into individual glass containers. I get the idea – fresh air and anti-odor underwear kind of make sense together, so I guess it works for promotional purposes. What I can’t wrap my head around is why they thought selling these 100 pairs of Deoest Hawaiian Breeze for $60 was a good idea. Designers briefs from established brands like Calvin Klein or Ralph Lauren usually cost around $30, so why would anyone pay double that? Because they were exposed to Hawaiian air, or because they come in glass jar?


But that’s not all! For a limited time, shoppers who spend over 3,000 yen on Deoest products, will receive a complementary sealed plastic bag full of refreshing Hawaiian air. They even have a video showing how Seiren filled a canister with air on a Hawaiian beach and then shipped it to Japan where it was pumped in these tiny bags. They don’t provide any advice on how to use the bag, but to avoid it mixing with the average air in your surroundings, I suggest making a tiny needle hole and sucking it into your lungs to get the full flavor…


Or you could spend just $7.5 on a can of French country air and skip on the anti-odor underwear.


via RocketNews24

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