You Can Now Buy a Gold&Silver Tin Can for $1,000

Some people like to refer to the iPhone as an absurd luxury product to pay money on, but if buying an Apple smartphone is burning money, what do you call spending $1,000 on a tin can from New York jewelers Tiffany & co.?

“Upgrading” everyday objects to luxury item status is apparently really trendy these days. From leather-bound rocks to solid gold fidget spinners and even car mats reimagined as designer skirts, everyone is just slapping obscene price tags on average things. The latest company to jump on the upgrading train is Tiffany & co, with their eyebrow raising tin can priced at a whopping $1,000. That’s more than most people spend on actual jewelry, let alone one that looks like a shiny tin can.

Photo: Tiffany & co.

Why would any company think that designing jewelry in the shape of a tin can is a good idea? Well, Tiffany & co believe that “beautiful things should not be limited to special occasions”, and creating an ordinary-looking piece of jewelry made of gold-coated sterling sliver was the perfect way to show it. So if you feel like the $8 tin can of beans just doesn’t match your social status, you now have a better option.

Photo: Tiffany & co.

Interestingly, the $1,000 gold&silver tin can is just one item in the jewelry company’s “Everyday Objects” line, which also includes¬†$650 ping pong paddles, a $450 ruler,¬†a $275 pencil sharpener and even a $9,000 ball of silver yarn. That last one’s pretty cool, but still, I can think of better ways of spending $9,000.


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