You Can Now License Your Face to Be Used on a Humanoid Robot

If you’re short on cash and don’t mind selling the rights to your face, you can stand to make £100,000 ($130,000) by licensing your mug to a robotics company to be used on one of their humanoid robots.

According to a recent blog post by London-based outsourcing company Geomiq, a robotics company is currently looking for a “kind and friendly” to put on a humanoid robot once it goes into production. This will potentially entail using this person’s face on thousands of robots around the world, so the company is willing to pay no less than £100,000 ($130,000) in licensing fees. The robot in question is designed to be a “virtual friend” for elderly people, and is scheduled to go into production next year.

Photo: Comfreak/Pixabay

Although Geomiq is not at liberty to disclose too much information about the robotics company or their current project, due to a a non-disclosure agreement they’ve signed with the designer and his investors, but they did reveal that the client is privately-funded and has received investments from several Venture Capitalists as well as a top fund in China.

“We know that this is an extremely unique request, and signing over the licenses to your face is potentially an extremely big decision,” Geomiq stated, adding that interested people can submit a photo of themselves via email.

The robotics company has reportedly been working on this particular humanoid robot for five years, and due to the secretive nature of the project, anonimity is of utmost importance. However, candidates with the right kind of face chosen for the “next phase” will be given full details on the project.

So there you have it, while most sources warn of robots taking our jobs, here’s an example of robotics as an important, if somewhat controversial, source of income.

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