You Can Now Tattoo Your Palm Lines to Alter Your Destiny

Palmistry, or the art of palm reading, is very popular in Thailand, so one entrepreneur has founded a business that specializes in tattooing people’s palm lines to allegedly change their fortunes for the better.

They say you make “your own luck” and if you believe in palmistry there is now a very simple way to change your destiny. All you have to do is visit a certain tattoo shop in Nonthaburi, Thailand, and ask to have your life, love or luck lines altered with the help of tattoos. Even if you don’t know what lines need to be altered, they have palm reading experts who can tell you what lines need to be tattooed in order to improve your prosperity, health or love life.

Photo: PleMahaheng/Facebook

Believed to be Thailand’s first palm line tattoo business, the shop in Nonthaburi was founded by a woman named Ajarn Ple, or Professor Ple, as most of her clients now call her. In an interview with Thai news outlet Sanook, Ple said that she first got into cosmetic tattooing by doing eyebrow tattoos, but as she learned more about fortune telling and physiognomy, she got the idea of doing palm line tattoos.


Ple said that she is the perfect example that altering your palm lines actually has an impact on your life, as she tried it on herself first and she is now the owner of a very successful business. She also mentioned a shoe store owner who, after getting his palms tattooed, sold all the shoes in their store, and said that there are many such examples.


Apparently, the idea of tattooing palm lines to alter destiny appeals to a lot of people, as photos posted on the tattoo shop’s Facebook page shows lots of customers waiting to get their palms inked. Some told Sanook that they believe it will the advertised effect, while others said that they were only getting the tattoos for piece of mind, just in case there is truth to the theory…


But, there are also naysayers who consider Ple’s business nothing more than a scam. Some called her theory “nonsensical and impossible”, adding that if tattooing your palm lines actually worked, there would be no more poor or sick people in the world. They kind of have a point there…