YouTuber Becomes World’s Blackest Man With the Blackest Commercially-Available Paint

Hajime, Japan’s most popular YouTuber, recently surprised his millions of subscribers by covering his body with the world’s blackest commercially-available paint.

Musou Black, a special type of paint developed and sold by Koyo Orient Japan, isn’t the world’s blackest paint. That title belongs to Vantablack, an incredibly black coating capable of absorbing up to 99.965% of visible light. It makes everything look like a black hole, but it is obscenely expensive and currently unavailable on the open market. Musou Black, on the other hand, absorbs a respectable 99.4% of visible light, making it the world’s second blackest paint, and it is available on Amazon for $17 per 100ml. So it was the ideal choice for someone wanting to become a walking shadow, or the blackest man on Earth.

Photo: Hajime/Twitter

Hajime, a Japanese vlogger famous for his original and often crazy ideas, recently put Black Musou paint to the test by using it to create the world’s blackest room. A video on his YouTube channel shows Hajime painting the walls black and then using the extremely black paint to make himself black to see if others can see him in the dark.

Photo: Hajime/Twitter

The YouTube video got a decent number of views, but it was a series of photos that Hajime posted on his Twitter account that got the most attention online. In them, the Japanese YouTuber shows up with Musou Black spray-painted all over his body at a beach, at what looks like noon. Only you can’t really tell it’s him, because he looks like a shadow.

Photo: Hajime/Twitter

Musou Black has been in the news before, with it being used to paint all sorts of objects, from cars to fruit, but Hajime may just be the first person to use it on their body. Which, according to the Koyo Orient website, isn’t advised, since the company recommends avoiding skin contact as much as possible. But at least he got some more exposure out of it.


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