61-Year-Old Chinese Grandpa Is Putting Men Half His Age to Shame with His Toned Physique

Meet Liang Xiang, a 61-year-old age-defying grandpa with a perfectly chiseled body and six-pack abs. Looking at his photos, you’d think he spent his whole life working out, but Liang claims he only started hitting the gym 10 years ago.  The sexagenarian is now so obsessed with fitness that he spends several hours a day doing intense workout routines.

Liang spent most of his youth running a lighting business in China’s Yunnan province, and later used his earnings to pursue his love of driving. After a few races outside the country, he realised that his physical condition was holding him back from performing well. So he started working out and eventually got this chiseled body that sparks the envy of men half his age. Uncle Liang –  as he’s come to be known online – has been pumping iron around a decade now, and also follows a diet plan that includes seven small meals per day.


“Nowadays, a lot of people see bodybuilding as an interest – I see bodybuilding as my hobby,” he said. “The only dieting principle I follow is that we should fill our stomachs up to about 70 percent. Other than that I eat whatever I want because I believe the body’s cravings are its way of telling us what we’re lacking – and I particularly love eating meat.”


Despite having gained the admiration of millions after photos of him went viral online, there’s only one thing that Liang cares about – taking part in the grueling Dakar Rally. His real passion is driving, and his ultimate goal is to become the oldest Chinese participant at the world-famous race. “I’ll never give up my dreams of competing in the Dakar Rally,” he said. “If I can’t make it in 2017, then I will join in 2018.” That’s really the reason he trains so hard, to be able to compete.


Uncle Liang has become a social media sensation in China, with his very own hashtag trending on Weibo, the Chinese version of Twitter.


“None of us has an excuse not being able to lose weight now,” one commenter wrote.


“What an inspiring man,” wrote another. He lives for his dream and it has nothing to do with money!”


via People’s Daily Online

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