A380 Themed Restaurant Lets You Experience Airplane Dining without the Turbulence

Don’t you ever which you could just experience eating in a jumbo jet without actually having to pay a ticket and fly to who knows where? Me neither, but apparently there are people out there who love to eat on an airplane, otherwise why would anyone open an A380 jumbo jet themed restaurant, right?

Recently opened in Chongqing, China, the A380 restaurant tries to replicate the interior of the world’s largest passenger airliner, and comes complete with a crew of waitresses trained to talk and act like real stewardesses. The windows, adjustable seats, carpets, and even the cabin lighting have all been inspired by the A380, but luckily you’ll find more than the usual airplane food on the menu. The restaurant covers and area of 600 square meters and currently has 18 employees, including 9 flight attendants that had to go through a series of courses on how to apply their make up and act just like actual stewardesses.

Photo: CFP

Believe it or not, this is actually the world’s second A380 themed restaurant. The first one is located in Taipei, Taiwan, and looks a lot more like the airplanes I usually travel in, which means it’s a bit more crowded and some of the food actually comes in plastic trays. The A380 looks a lot more luxurious, and judging by the price of its special ovular seats, 10,000 yuan ($1,590), it’s not exactly the kind of place where anyone can take their kids to show them what the world’s largest passenger plane looks like on the inside.

 Photo: CFP

 Photo: CFP


Video of the A380 restaurant in Taipei

via China.org