Alleged Cancer Sufferer Wanting to Experience Wedding but Not Leave Widow Behind Marries a Love Doll

An unidentified Chinese man’s wedding pictures recently went viral because of his unusual bride – a life-size plastic love doll!

The ‘bride’ was apparently treated to a make-up artist, a hair stylist, and even given a selection of dresses to pose in, to make her look like a real girl. She’s seen in a splendid white mermaid gown in the wedding portraits, and a beautiful lilac dress with sequins and precious stones in other photographs. Each picture is surprisingly tender, as though they’re a couple deeply in love.

With the identity of the man kept a secret, no one knew the real reason behind the bizarre wedding. The photographer said that she didn’t really agree with the man’s choice to marry a plastic doll, but added that he still deserved to be respected since we all have the freedom to choose what we like.


However, some of the people commenting on the viral photographs revealed that he is suffering from cancer, and not wanting to hurt people’s feelings and leave a grieving widow behind, he decided to experience a beautiful wedding by marrying a plastic love doll instead.


What’s weird is the guy is referred to as the “28-year-old man” in Chinese media, but his identity is still unknown. So how did they know his age? This one is definitely unconfirmed, but we though the photos were strange enough to be featured on Oddity Central.





via CCTV

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