At $40,000 per Teaspoon, Albino Caviar Named “White Gold” Is the World’s Most Expensive Food

A special type of caviar, made from rare albino fish eggs and laced with 22-carat gold, is thought to be the most expensive food on the planet. Priced at a staggering $300,000 per kilo (that’s about $40,000 per teaspoon), ‘White Gold’ caviar will be served to the super rich at some of the best restaurants in the world.

The powdery caviar, also called Strottarga Bianco, is the creation of Austrian fish farmer Walter Gruell, 51, and his son Patrick, 25. According to Patrick, the Strottarga Bianco comes from the white roe of the extremely rare albino sturgeon. To make just one kilo White Gold, the father-son duo use five kilos of caviar, which is then dehydrated. Older sturgeon are used because the eggs are apparently more elegant, smooth, spongier, aromatic, and they simply taste better.

The albino beluga that produces the special caviar originally lived in the Caspian Sea, but it is now almost extinct in its native environment, making it a rare delicacy. Another reason for the prohibitive price of White Gold is the age of albino belugas. While sturgeons usually live over 100 years, few belugas reach that age due to a genetic flaw that shortens their life.


He also explained that the caviar they produce in Austria is among the best in the world because of the pristine, pollutant-free water that flows down from mountain snowcaps. “It is part of the reason why it probably tastes so good, that and the fact that it is specially seasoned before being dehydrated, when it loses 80 percent of its weight. It is then grated extremely finely and mixed with 22-carat gold, which in very small amounts has a very positive effect on the human immune system,” he added.

“The golden yellow white spreadable powder that we create can quickly be made into a paste, risotto, or put on toasted bread with butter. The taste is very strong and tastes distinctly like fresh fish. It only needs very small quantities for the flavor to be spread to a meal.”


Patrick admitted that white gold caviar is not meant for everyone because it is an acquired taste. But he does believe that there is a market for such exclusive products, especially when newly introduced. And in order to give people a taste white gold, they are currently offering the stuff at a discounted price of $112,000 to selected customers. Any takers?

via Yahoo!