Casey Legler – The Woman Who Works as a Male Model

Casey Legler, 35, is a woman who exclusively models menswear. With her razor-sharp cheekbones and 6ft 2in height, it’s easy to see why she’s recently been signed to the men’s division at the prestigious Ford modelling agency

There’s something weird going on in the fashion industry these days. After we posted about guys like Andrej Pejic and Stanyslas Fedyanin, who have found success modeling women’s clothing, now it’s time we met the only woman in the world who models only men’s garments. French-born Casey Legler says her unlikely carer as a male model started after posing as a guy in photo shoot, as a favor for a friend. ‘I am, in fact, buddies with a photographer, who had this story, who knows, in some ways my body of work, but also just knows what I look like and said, “You’re perfect for this. Are you in?” And I wasn’t doing anything on that particular Friday, and so I said yes!’ she said in an interview with TIME Magazine. After her friend showed the resulting photos to a booker at Ford, she was soon signed to the men’s division by the prestigious agency.

Photo: TIME Magazine

As weird as t may seem at first, it’s easy to see why Casey makes such a great male model. She’s got the perfect height (6ft 2in), razor-sharp cheekbones, flawless skin and boyish physique and fashion style. After she qualified for the swimming event at the Olympic Games in Atlanta, at age 18, she also cut her hair very short, to experience the sensation of swimming with a shaved head that her male teammates talked about, and now she wears her hair with a short quiff. ‘Is it a stretch for me to get styled wearing men’s clothes?’ Legler asks. ‘Anyone can look at me for two seconds and know that that  part is not so complicated. I think the part that can feel complicated sometimes is that I also look really fierce in a dress.”

Photo: Ford Models/TIME

‘It would be a really beautiful thing if we could all just wear what we wanted, without it meaning something, ” Casey says. What I wish is that we all get to be exactly who we are. And sometimes that’s complicated. We have very specific ways in which we identify ourselves as man or woman and I think that sometimes those can be limiting… Seeing me on the men’s board… speaks to the notion of freedom, you know. There’s something really bold about that, and that it really is saying look, there is also this other way, and it’s really rad.”

Photo: Ford Models/TIME

So there you have it, folks, Casey Legler – a gorgeous woman modelling as a gorgeous man…

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