Chinese Babes Strip for Husbands

I know there’s nothing weird about babes stripping for husbands, but the title can be a bit misleading.

On a drizzling morning, a group of eight young girls, from Guangzhou, China, showed up near a local metro station, and started handing out fliers to male passers-by. There was nothing overly odd about them, apart from the masks covering their faces.

All of a sudden, music began playing, and the girls started dancing while holding signs that read stuff like “Marry me, please!” or “My mum’s been pestering me to get married. Marry me, please!” Their dance quickly turned into a striptease act, with the girls tossing off their clothes, all the way to their underwear.

The unusual even attracted over 100 curious onlookers, as well as several vehicles stopping by to check out what was going on. People were cheering, clapping or taken pictures, but their joy was short-lived, as the metro station staff quickly crashed the party.


In an interview with Guangzhou Daily, the mysterious dancers explained their behavior. Although they are young, attractive and successful, they haven’t been able to find a suitable husband. Most of them blame it on their professional careers, which apparently scare men away. “Some guys hesitate to date us because of our high qualifications. We hope we can find our other halfs, through this,” said Xingzi, the leader of the group.


Sadly, the public stripping didn’t help much either, and many of the men watching their performance shook their heads in disapproval, when asked if they would date the girls.

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