Design Duo Create Mind-Blowing Thread and Nail Portraits

Pamela Campagna and husband Thomas Scheiderbauer create intricate thread and nail portraits based on old family photographs.

It’s amazing how someone can recreate organic shapes so well from thousands of angles created with nails and thread. Designers Pamela Campagna and Thomas Scheiderbauer take up to a month to work on each of their complicated artworks, but the outcome is certainly worth the time they put in. After analyzing an old photo they begin hammering nails into the canvas until they come up with a pixelated outline of the artwork, after which they start connecting the dots with thread. That’s easier said than done, and looking at how clean yet detailed their portraits turn out, they must have a great deal of patience.

 Campagna and Scheiderbauer are not the first to create wonderful art pieces using nails and thread, but their work stands out through attention to details and very clean style. Other artists, like the equally impressive Debbie Smith creates awe-inspiring nail and thread masterpieces, but has a less perfect style, leaving the thread ends hanging around all over the canvas.








Photos © L-able 

via This Is Colossal