Rolex Time Sand

Who better to make time sand than one of the world’s most famous time-piece manufacturers, Rolex.

In order for an hourglass to  acurately measure time, its sand would have to be of uniform size and texture. Michael Marcovici used this kind of sand in one of his latest artworks. Famous for stacking 10 million $100 bills on 12 pallets, to offer a view at $1,000,000,000, Marcovici now stacked 972 Rolex Time Sand bags, on 18 pallets. Each bag weighed 30 kg and it would last for 30 days, flowing through an ordinary hourglass.

All the sand bags, weighing over 29,000 kg, represent a generous estimation of an average lifetime, 81 years. The second photo shows the amount of life already consumed by the artist, 39 years.





via Artmarcovici

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