Russian Daredevil Is Taking the World by Storm with His Extreme Stunts

Climbing on high walls, jumping between rooftops, doing handstands on the edge of skyscrapers and bridges, nothing seems too dangerous for Russian parkour enthusiasts Alexander Rusinov. After posting videos of his extreme stunts online, the 19-year-old has become an internet star in Russia and now has his sights set on the rest of Europe.

Hailing from the Russian city of Saratov, Alexander Rusinov started practicing parkour stunts after watching films like Yamakasi and seeing videos of other daredevils on the internet. He started training at children’s playgrounds and in the school gym until about a year ago when he decided to up his game by taking advantage of Saratov’s impressive architecture. He began doing handstands on bridges over the Volga River, hanging from the tall remains of Soviet industrial buildings, jumping between rooftops and climbing walls. He and his friends posted his most amazing feats online, and the world soon took notice. Rusinov quickly developed an impressive following of fellow parkour fans and even did interviews with the media. His fame spread throughout Russia and has recently crossed national borders, with some of his YouTube videos going viral in other European countries.


Asked if he is ever afraid he might fall during one of his death-defying feats, Alexander told reporters he never gives it much thought and that he prefers to imagine that he is safely on the ground, not doing anything special. The Saratov Spider-Man, as he is sometimes called, says he is doing it to test his limits and considers the stunts as a training of the spirit.


Although Alexander Rusinov’s family didn’t really approve of his dangerous hobby, they’ve now gotten used to seeing him in all kinds of impossible poses, and his grandmother is actually very proud that he has found his true calling and has become famous in the process.


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Photos: Alexander Rusinov/VKontakte

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