Russian Driver Turns Dented Car Door into an Artistic Map

True to the saying “when life gives you lemons, make lemonade”, a Russian driver turned a badly dented car door into a beautiful map of the Altai mountains.

The details of the accident are unclear, but by the looks of things, the artistically-gifted driver got a bit to close to a parked BMW SUV and dented one of the car doors pretty badly. According to Slavorum,┬áRussia doesn’t have mandatory car insurance, so in most cases, drivers have to pay for repairs themselves. But instead of getting a fresh paint job, our man went for a much cooler alternative – turning the car car door into an artistic map of the Altai Mountains. As you can see in the photos below, the dent actually blend into the artwork perfectly, either enhancing the shading effect of the mountains or acting as lines in the map.

The majestic Altai Mountains served as an inspiration to the Russian driver who, upon seeing the snow-covered peaks in the distance, immediately came up with the unusual fix for his damaged door. He just stopped at a road-side shop, bought a couple of permanent markers, and unleashed his talent.

There doesn’t seem to be any protective coating on the car door, so it’s hard to say how long his map is going to last, but at least he managed to snap a few photos of it before the first rain.

Photos: Fishki (Russian)

via Slavorum

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