Russian Makeup Artist Proves Anyone Can Look Like a Celebrity with the Right Makeover

You might think Hollywood stars are natural beauties but you are dead wrong. Russian makeup artist Vadim Andreev does incredible transformations demonstrating that everyone can look like a celebrity with a little bit of makeup. The talented young man believes that “every common girl can become a glamorous celebrity,” adding that he wants to help everyone to see their own beauty.

Vadim – who lives in Saint Petersburg, started developing his skills since he was just 16 years old. “It was my hobby. I really loved to transform people ever since I was I child,” he says. “When I grew up I decided to go into professional make-up and hair styling.” And that he did – Vadim soon became well-known for his amazing talent and advanced makeup skills. He even started holding workshops, tutorials and masterclasses to teach others how to properly  use makeup for some truly incredible results. He was also featured on Russian TV shows where he worked his magic on various local celebrities. His website features makeup services for special occasions such as weddings and parties, as well as examples of his best works, like the famous before and after pictures you see below.  “I started taking these photos to show people they can change, be more attractive, look and feel happier,” the young makeup prodigy explains.


During a makeover, Vadim takes before and after pictures to show the client that with a little bit of strategically placed makeup, a person can be just as glamorous and beautiful as any star. His main goal is to enhance their natural beauty not mask it under a ton of makeup. He explains that “[The photos] don’t mean women should do heavy make-up all the time. There are little make-up secrets for everyday. Everybody can use them.”


His techniques are a trade secret but he’s happy to share a few tips and tricks with anyone who wants a fresh and natural look. “My secret is in the eye, I guess. I can see the beauty inside each person and show it to everybody,” the 29 year old explains. “My top tips for the everyday woman are: use a light under-eye concealer, cream blush on the top of your cheek, and highlight on cheekbones.” The makeup guru puts emphasis on bringing out the best features, advising women to put some bronzer under their cheekbones and along the chin and blend well over the face, and put some black mascara on their lashes and apply warm pink lip-gloss on lips. This will apparently give them a fresh, young look.


Vadim Andreev is very ambitions and has big dreams for himself. “I have a lot of plans and dreams about my future in make-up, such as writing a book and have my own TV show about makeovers,” he relates. “And, of course, my usual work with lovely brides, giving workshops and masterclasses.”








Source: Vadim Andreev via Bored Panda, Daily Mail

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