Shocking New Craze: Thrill-Seekers Play Russian Roulette with 10,000-Volt Tasers

A group of hardcore pain addicts have taken Russian Roulette to the next level, by playing the game with tasers that shoot out 10,000-volt electric darts. Several pictures posted on Russian forums and social media pages show the competitors holding taser guns to each other’s heads or their own, ready to fire. Obviously, the goal of this bizarre new game is avoid getting shocked until only one competitor is left standing.

The game is named Perm, after the industrial city on the edge of Russia’s Ural Mountains, where it is currently practiced. Apparently, it was invented by former champion fighter Valery Eschenko while he was in the hospital, recovering from an injury.  Just as traditional Russian Roulette, Perm is a game of chance. Initially, each of the gun-like tasers contains only one live cartridge in the barrel of seven chambers, so there is a one-in-seven chance of a player experiencing a 10,000-volt shock, which players describe is a lot like getting punched really hard.


Photo: AIF / Dmitry Ovchinnikov

If a player ‘survives’ the first round, the shooter will then place a second live cartridge in the gun, increasing the chance of being shot in the next round. The number of cartridges is increased as the game progresses.When players get bored of shooting just one person, they can switch to the ‘Love Triangle’, where three players face off against each other.


 Photo: AIF / Dmitry Ovchinnikov

Winning the competition earns players medals, cash prizes and of course, the respect of their peers.


While Perm can’t exactly be described as risk-free, it is undoubtedly safer compared to the classic Russian Roulette, in which real bullets are used. As a precaution, people suffering from epilepsy are not allowed to play Perm, as the electric shock can cause seizures.


 Photo: AIF / Dmitry Ovchinnikov

Source: Perm AIF

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