The Holy Land Theme-Park

Experience the locations and stories of the Bible, through a visit at the Holy Land Experience.

Sure, it would be fair of me to just  tell you all about this “wonderful place” and let you judge for yourself if it’s the kind of place you want to take your kid, on a family outing. But life isn’t fair so here is what I think: this is the craziest, creepiest theme-park I’ve ever seen photos of.

Granted, I haven’t actually been there (probably never will), but I can tell you it definitely looks like none of the places I’d like to take my children. Sure, the official Holy Land Experience site says it’s an educational, historical, inspirational, theatrical place where adults and children alike can be transported back to the times  and places of the Old Testament, and there are some good things they could learn from seeing something like that. But then we get to these photos…Clearly the torturing of Jesus is no joke, but a blood-covered man carrying a huge cross on his back could have a negative effect on a child brain.

Anyway, people are entitled to their opinions, I’m sure many feel The Holy Land Experience is a great…experience, and that’s ok. Let me know what you think. If you want to form an opinion first-hand, travel to Orlando, Florida and then get back to me.






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