The Incredible Paper Craft Masterpieces of Taras Lesko

Taras Lesko is an incredibly talented designer who likes to create beautiful things both on his computer and with his own two hands. Though his graphic designs are nothing short of impressive, it’s his paper craft creations that really caught my eye.

Taras spends months working on his paper craft models, drawing up the parts, cutting them out and putting them together. Now that doesn’t sound like anything special, but wait until you see what this guy make out of paper.

The Freedom Gundam is, in my opinion, the coolest paper craft model in his personal portfolio. Inspired by the famous Gundam anime movie, Taras spent two months working on the 4-foot paper-craft Fredom Gundam. He ended up using 175 paper sheets and 500 individual parts.





In 2009, Taras worked on the car racing video game Forza Motorsport 3, and being surrounded by all those beautiful sport cars inspired him to create a paper craft model of the Audi R8, specifically designed to the game’s visual design.





A big fan of the video-game Viewtiful Joe, on the PlayStation 2, Taras created a 3.5-foot-paper craft model of the game’s main character. He used 233 parts, cut out from 79 sheets of paper.




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