The ‘Shock Clock Wake Up Trainer’ Will Zap You Awake if Nothing Else Works

If the loudest, most annoying alarm clocks have failed to separate you from your beloved bed, ‘Shock Clock Wake Up Trainer’ might be just the thing for you. This wearable alarm clock will literally shock you awake every morning, if beeps and vibrations don’t do the trick.

Pavlok, the company behind Shock Clock, is a wearable-device startup founded by entrepreneur Maneesh Sethi, who first rose to internet fame after hiring a woman to slap him every time he opened Facebook. Having had previous success with his ‘Pavlok Breaks Bad Habits’ device that helped people quit bad habits like nail biting and smoking, Sethi based the new Shock Clock on the popular concept of classical conditioning that Russian physiologist Ivan Pavlov used to train dogs to respond to a stimulus. He claims that the device’s ‘sensory inputs’ have the potential to create permanent behavioral changes. It is apparently world’s first device that “uses effective, tested sensory inputs to wake you up and keep you alert.”


The Shock Clock wristband will first start vibrating, beeping, and then proceed to deliver an electric shock as a last resort to buzz the wearer awake. After a few of these rude awakenings, the brain will get accustomed to the vibration and expect to receive a ‘zap’ at the same time, every day, so a simple vibration will be enough to wake you up fully alert. Over time, the wearer will apparently be waking up a few minutes before the expected zap, and won’t even need to use Shock Clock anymore.

“You have an internal clock and your body decides whether it wants to abide by the internal clock,” explained Sims McGrath III, director of marketing at Pavlok. “The shock clock forces your body to abide by it.”


“The electric stimulus is carefully designed so that it is enough to be uncomfortable, but not so strong that it hurts,” the Shock Clock website reads. “It’s a lot like a static shock you get when you touch a doorknob after rubbing your feet on the carpet.” The vibration is described as ‘silent and gentle’, the beep ‘loud and irritating’, and the zap ‘powerful and effective’.

Priced at $199, Shock Clock is compatible with both iOS and Android apps. Other features include a snooze lock, multi alarms, sleep cycle analysis, and an accountability option that notifies friends and allows them to zap the wearer if they’re still not out of bed. Pavlok is currently raising funds for mass production through Indiegogo, with over $225,000 collected so far. Shipping is expected to start in September this year.


In the past, Pavlov’s conditioning concept has also inpired the “Pavlov Poke” a tongue-in-cheek device designed to cure Facebook addiction.

Photos: Pavlock

via Engadget