Woman Installs Card Reader to Make Sure Her Husband Comes Home by 9 PM

The photo below may not seem very interesting at first glance, but the story behind it definitely is. That little round gadget is apparently a card scanner installed by a Chinese wife to make sure that her husband doesn’t come home later than 9 pm.

When their husbands don’t come straight home after work, some women start calling them every 10 minutes asking where they are, others text them insistently until they’ve had enough and come home, or tease them with a photo of a delicious dinner. But one Chinese wife decided to think outside the box and came up with a very practical solution – installing a card reader at the entrance of her home, which her husband must use every time he walks through the door.

Photo: Weibo

This photo of the unusual gadget was posted on Chinese social media site Weibo by user Emma Yi who wrote she was curious about what it was when visiting a girlfriend in Shanghai. She asked her friend about it and learned that it was a card reader meant to ensure that her husband got home from work before 9 pm. The guy, who works at an internet company, had begun to come in late from his job, saying that he had to put in overtime, but she had had enough of his long workdays and came up with a system to get him home by a specific time or face the consequences.

The piece of paper by the card reader lays out the rules of the household. If the husband comes home by 9 pm, he is rewarded with a warm dinner in the company of his wife, without having to do the dishes. But if he comes up to 30 minutes than the agreed hour, he is fined with 100 yuan ($15), and if he’s more than 30 minutes late, he has to put in a whole day of house chores in the weekend.

Photo: Sohu

“If the punch card machine can manage my husband’s working hours, it should also work fine for his non-working hours,” the clever wife told Emma Yi, adding that her husband started coming in much earlier since the card reader was installed, which greatly improved their relationship.

The photo did the rounds on Chinese social media lately, with thousands of people expressing their opinions about the unique husband-management system.

Photo: Weibo

“His wife must work in HR,” Weibo user @LiuLInchuan wrote.

“This is too much! You’re stripping away his freedom!” another netizen said.

Others were inspired by the unconventional method, like this user who wrote “Hey honey, maybe I should consider implementing  this at our home too?”, tagging her husband.

Photo: World of Buzz

And some, were just happy they didn’t have to deal with something like this, yet.

“Fortunately, I’m single,” one relieved man commented.

Source: Sohu (Chinese) via World of Buzz