World’s most extreme modern beds

Now these “sleeping devices” are truly extreme.

Sleeping being what it is, a necessity, you’d think we’d keep our sleeping places as basic as possible, but according to the extreme modern beds collection posted over at Freshome, technological progress affects our very beds. Take a look at the photos for a taste of what I’m talking about, for the whole “shabang”, visit the original source.

Private Cloud – a rocking-chair style bed that promises to revolutionize sleeping experience and couple activity ( if you know what I mean)


Feel Seating System – a bed inspired by molecular structure, made up of 120 soft sofa balls that can be rearranged into pretty much anything you can think of.


Hi-Can – the High Fidelity Canopy that features state of the art technology allowing you to surf the internet, watch movies, listen to music or play video-games right from the comfort of your own bed.


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