World’s Smallest Theater Fits Only Eight Guests

Possibly the smallest theater in the world, and a strong contender for a Guiness record, the Kremlhof Theater is located in Villach, Austria. It’s so tiny, it can only fit eight guests, all of whom get front row seats.

In fact, it look doesn’t look at all like a theater, more like a cabin of sorts. The stage inside measures 1.30 by 1.30 m, and runs regular shows. Built by Felix Strasser and Yulia Izmaylova, irregularly puts on shows of the opera, ballet and plays for the privileged limited audience. The guests are required only to make a mere donation, as the theater doesn’t sell tickets. The Kremlhof Theater was opened 2 years ago in 2009, with the help of the theater organization for the stimulation of the dramatic appetite (der Verein zur Anregung des dramatischen Appetits or VADA). Also involved were the drama companies, ONEX and kärnöl. Their first production ever was called “Schnee” and began in January 2010.

With an appearance similar to a large tree house on the ground, the theater has a simple wooden pavilion with eight seats along its sides. Theater director Felix Strasser says, “Year round we put on in-house and guest productions in theatre, ballet, musical theatre, theatre for children and literature readings. It is a unique offering for Carinthia as there are also productions in Russian. Productions in Slovenian and regional German and Slovenian dialects are also planned.”


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