Man Annoyed by Neighbor Noises Injects Chemical Cocktail Under Their Front Door

A Florida man was arrested after a hidden camera caught him injecting a clear liquid under his neighbor’s front door, because he was annoyed by the noise they made.

Xuming Li, a former Ph.D. chemistry student at the University of South Florida reportedly used the laboratory at his former school to mix a cocktail of dangerous chemicals, load it up into syringes, and then inject it into the home of his upstairs neighbor through a crack in their front door. A subsequent test showed that the 36-year-old man used a combination of methadone and hydrocodone, two well-known opioid medications. It’s unclear what Li hoped to achieve by repeatedly injecting the substances into his neighbor’s home, but it’s easy to assume that he did not have good intentions. He was arrested after his neighbors, who had become exasperated by the bizarre smell in their home, installed a hidden camera outside their front door.

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Anti-Climbing Paint – A Non-Drying Coating That Could Land Users in Hot Water

As the name suggests, anti-climbing paint is a special type of security paint designed to deter criminals from trying to access a property. However, one can’t simply smear a fence with this stuff without legal consequences.

Anti-climbing paint is a non-drying coating that, once applied onto a surface, makes it virtually impossible for someone to climb that said surface. Once coated in anti-climbing paint, a surface remains slippery for a minimum of three years, retaining its protective properties in both hot and cold weather conditions. Anti-climbing paint is usually applied in thick 3mm layers and develops a glossy skin similar to that of regular paint, only beneath this skin, the paint is still wet, so once an intruder tries to climb a surface covered in it, the skin is breached and the wet coating makes scaling virtually any surface impossible.

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