30-Year-Old Woman Impersonates 13-Year-Old Daughter in Class to Prove a Point

A young mother who went viral for recording herself impersonating her 13-year-old daughter at her school in order to prove a point was recently found guilty of criminal trespassing.

On November 15, a jury sentenced Casey Garcia to six months of probation and ordered her to pay a fine of $700 in connection to a 2021 incident where she attended classes at San Elizario Middle School disguised as her teenage daughter, in order to show how easy it was for an adult to enter the school. The mother, who was 30 years old at the time, dyed her hair, put on skin tanner, and wore a hoodie and a face mask in order to pass for her 13-year-old daughter and gain access to the school. She recorded the controversial experiment and posted the video on social media where it got a lot of attention but ultimately led to her arrest.

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Man Becomes TikTok Star by Posing as a Doctor in an Actual Hospital

Matthew Lani, a young South African man with over 3oo,000 followers on TikTok, was recently arrested for allegedly posing as a doctor and sharing medical advice without having any medical experience.

27-year-old Matthew Bogani Lani rose to internet fame when he started claiming that he was one of the youngest doctors in South Africa. He often told his followers that he was somewhat of a wunderkind, skipping several high-school grades entirely to graduate at age 16, before enrolling at Wits University to study medicine. He often filmed himself patrolling through hospitals dressed in white and wearing a stethoscope around his neck, claiming to be on his way to see patients and even dishing out medical advice to his followers, or selling them medication. He wouldn’t be the first doctor to do this in order to build an online following, but the problem was that Lani wasn’t a doctor at all, he just posed as one.

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Man Steals 53 iPhones on His First Day of Work at Electronics Store

A Russian man was recently arrested after stealing 53 new iPhones on his very first day of work at a Moscow electronics store.

Earlier this month, the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs published a short clip of a man “cleaning up” an electronics store in Moscow and filling a small suitcase and several bags with dozens of iPhone cases. The 44-year-old unnamed man doesn’t seem bothered by the surveillance camera and, after trying and failing to change its facing direction with a cleaning mop, he simply carries on with his business. After taking 53 brand-new iPhones and 53,000 rubles ($570) from the register, he casually walks out the front door. Believe it or not, this was the man’s first day on the job as a sales manager at the electronics store…

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Man Fakes Heart Attack to Avoid Paying the Bill at 20 Restaurants

A Lithuanian man has been arrested in Spain after allegedly faking heart attacks at 20 restaurants around the country in order to avoid paying the bill.

The unnamed 50-year-old man reportedly scammed at least 20 eateries, the majority of them in Spain’s Costa Blanca region, by theatrically faking a heart attack. After ordering food and drinks, he would put on an outrageous theatrical performance, clutching his chest and pretending to faint on the floor. The scam worked like a charm until one establishment owner saw right through the man’s act and started other local restaurants photos of him warning them not to fall for his heart-attack routine.

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Fake Lawyer Wins All 26 of His Cases Despite Never Going to Law School

A Kenyan man was recently arrested after it was revealed that he had impersonated an attorney and represented various clients in 26 different cases – all of which he won – despite lacking any formal training.

Brian Mwenda Njagi has been dubbed the ‘real-life Mike Ross’, in reference to the popular character from the TV series ‘Suits’, a bright young man who manages to work at a high-profile law firm and represent clients despite lacking any kind of formal law school education. The comparison is justified, considering that Mwenda managed to represent clients in front of Court of Appeal judges and High Court judges in 26 different cases, winning every one of them. The young man had managed to portray himself as a qualified attorney and none of the judges he had ever pleaded before suspects that he was not really a lawyer. The Law Society of Kenya (LSK) only began suspecting him after receiving complaints from an actual lawyer also named Brian Mwenda who complained that he couldn’t access his account.

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Museum Employee Swaps Paintings With Fakes, Sells Originals at Auction

A German museum employee was recently arrested for reportedly swapping several paintings with fake copies and selling the originals to fund a lavish lifestyle.

Due to Germany’s strict privacy laws, the identity of the 30-year-old former employee of the Deutsches Museum in Munich has not been disclosed to the public, but it has been reported that he admitted to replacing at least four paintings with copies in the period that he worked there (2016 – 2018). He allegedly sold the works of art at several auctions, using the money to pay off debts and then buy luxury goods, including a Rolls-Royce and expensive wristwatches. The auction house involved in the sale of three of the stolen paintings said that it “simply wasn’t possible to identify them as stolen property,” adding that it collaborated with authorities during the investigation.

“The defendant shamelessly exploited the opportunity to access the storage rooms … and sold valuable cultural assets in order to secure a high standard of living for himself and to show off,” the court heard from prosecutors.

The unnamed museum employee stole “Das Märchen vom Froschkönig” (The Tale of the Frog Prince) by Franz von Stuck, replaced it with a fake, and put the original up for auction. he told the auction house that the artwork had belonged to his grandparents or great-grandparents, and managed to earn almost 50,000 euros ($52,000) in cash, after the auction fees were deducted.

He subsequently swapped “Die Weinprüfung” (The Wine Test) by Eduard von Grützner and “Zwei Mädchen beim Holzsammeln im Gebirge” (Two Girls Collecting Wood in the Mountains) by Franz von Defregger and sold them at the same auction house, earning tens of thousands of euros. He also stole “Dirndl” by Franz von Defregger, and tried selling it through a different Munich auction house, but it did not sell.

In the end, the 30-year-old man managed to avoid prison time, but was handed a 21-month suspended sentence and ordered to pay back the museum more than $64,000. In its ruling, the court argued that it had taken into account the man’s confession and the fact that he showed ‘genuine remorse’.

“He said he acted without thinking,” the court ruling read. “He can no longer explain his behavior today.”

The employee’s thefts were discovered when a provenance researcher noticed that Das Märchen vom Froschkönig was “quite a clumsy copy,” despite being in the right frame, which suggested that someone had swapped it with a copy. Further investigation of the museum’s storage depots resulted in the discovery of the three other missing paintings.

“Our staff are all very reliable, but there is not much you can do if one employee harbors criminal energy. He had no previous record and there was no way of knowing he was capable of this when we hired him,” a spokesperson for the Deutsches Museum said.

Giant Chucky Doll Arrested for Terrorizing People in Mexico

Police in the Mexican state of Coahuila recently arrested a knife-wielding Chucky doll and its ventriloquist owner for terrorizing people in the streets for money.

Chucky the red-haired murderous doll possessed by the spirit of a serial killer is one of the most terrifying movie characters in history. He’s an iconic character whose chilling smile has terrorized generations around the world, so it really doesn’t come as a total surprise that someone used a Chucky doll to scare people into giving them money. It happened in Monclova, a town in the Mexican state of Coahuila, where a man identified only as Carlos N. started manipulating a large Chucky doll like a ventriloquist and terrorizing people on the street into giving him money.

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Woman Who Held 16 Jobs Simultaneously for Three Years Never Actually Did Any Work

A Chinese woman has been charged with fraud after it was revealed that she was employed by 16 different companies at the same time, but she never really showed up for work at any of them.

The woman, identified as Guan Yue (pseudonym) by Chinese media, had reportedly been juggling over a dozen employers and collecting paychecks for at least three years, without actually getting any work done for any of them. She and her husband, who is also a suspect in this case, allegedly kept a very tight record of employers, her exact role at each company, the date she had started working for each of them, and the bank account details provided for the woman’s monthly salary. Guan Yue would constantly be looking for new employers, and when going to new job interviews, she would take photos and send them to current employers as proof that she was meeting with clients. Believe it or not, the fraud worked flawlessly for years, allowing Guan Yue to buy an expensive apartment in Shanghai.

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Woman Steals Phone by Chewing Through Store’s Anti-Theft Cord

Unable to fight the desire for a phone she could not afford to buy, a Chinese woman ended up stealing a new iPhone by ripping through the anti-theft cord with her teeth at an Apple Store.

The woman, surnamed Qiu, became the talk of the internet in China earlier this month, after the security cameras at an Apple Store in Fuzhou City, China’s Fujian Province, caught her stealing an iPhone in a rather unusual way. Footage that has since gone viral online shows the woman entering an electronics store and heading straight for the smartphone section, where she proceeds to inspect the device on display. She can be seen glancing around furtively to see if anyone else is around, before grabbing an iPhone and starting to chew on the anti-theft cord securing the device to the display stand.

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Man Annoyed by Neighbor Noises Injects Chemical Cocktail Under Their Front Door

A Florida man was arrested after a hidden camera caught him injecting a clear liquid under his neighbor’s front door, because he was annoyed by the noise they made.

Xuming Li, a former Ph.D. chemistry student at the University of South Florida reportedly used the laboratory at his former school to mix a cocktail of dangerous chemicals, load it up into syringes, and then inject it into the home of his upstairs neighbor through a crack in their front door. A subsequent test showed that the 36-year-old man used a combination of methadone and hydrocodone, two well-known opioid medications. It’s unclear what Li hoped to achieve by repeatedly injecting the substances into his neighbor’s home, but it’s easy to assume that he did not have good intentions. He was arrested after his neighbors, who had become exasperated by the bizarre smell in their home, installed a hidden camera outside their front door.

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Pervert Installed Cameras Under His Truck to Film Under Girls’ Skirts

A 44-year-old Japanese man has been arrested and accused of indecent acts after allegedly installing several cameras under his truck so he could drive by young girls and film under their skirts.

Voyeurism and upskirt photography are apparently so widespread in Japan that there is even a word for them –  “chikan”. It describes men who inappropriately try to take pictures under women’s skirts without consent. In one of the most bizarre cases of chikan ever reported, a middle-aged man has been arrested for installing at least four cameras under his light delivery truck so he could slowly drive by skirt-wearing girls, some of them still in primary school, and film under their skirts. After discovering the trucks under his truck, police raided the man’s home and found over 30 hard drives containing hundreds of voyeuristic videos, and despite his continued denial of the accusations, authorities suspect that the number of victims could reach as many as 1,000.

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“Son of the Year” Impersonates Dead Mother to Steal $70,000 from Grieving Father

A UK man has been jailed for draining tens of thousands of pounds from his father’s bank accounts by faking both his voice and that of his dead mother, during phone calls with bank staff.

A complex police investigation found that during a 14-month period in 2017 and 2018, just months after his mother had passed away, 42-year-old Daniel Cuthbert defrauded his grieving father of more than £56,000 ($70,000) by phoning his parents’ bank and posing as both his father and his late mother. Audio footage released by Northamptonshire Police revealed how Cuthbert faked his dead mother’s name on at least nine occasions. He can be heard correctly answering a number of security questions before requesting that a sum of money be transferred from his parents’ account into another account. Cuthbert took all of his father’s savings, including his redundancy pau-out, and also took several loans in his name.

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Scammer Poses as ‘God’, Asks Woman for Deposits at ‘Bank of Heaven’

A Spanish man stands accused of taking advantage of an overly-religious old woman by posing as her Lord and Savior and asking her to deposit money at His ‘Church of Heaven’.

Could you say ‘no’ to God? What if He called you directly to ask for a favor? Esperanza, an elderly woman from León, in northwestern Spain, could not refuse God when He called her on her telephone and told her to put her savings in His ‘Church of Heaven’, because it offered better interest than earthly ones. The woman never once suspected that she was being scammed, as she was convinced that she was a ‘chosen of the Virgin’ long before receiving the call, so getting a direct call from the Almighty didn’t really seem that strange. Over six years, Esperanza followed God’s instructions and deposited around 300,000 euros in a small drawer at a local convenience store, convinced the money would end up at a heavenly church…

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81-Year-Old Granny Arrested for Ordering the Killing of a Police Officer

An 81-year-old Russian woman with ties to the criminal underworld of Krasnodar was recently arrested for ordering the killing of a criminal investigations detective.

Lyudmila Ryabykh is not your average grandmother. Not only does the 81-year-old have a strong connection to members of Krasnodar’s organized crime, but she once threatened to kill a paramedic with a sawed-off shotgun and she recently placed a hit on a local detective that apparently rubbed her the wrong way. The pensioner was caught red-handed after ordering the killing of an officer from the Krasnodar police department and paying part of the reward for proof of his death. Unfortunately for her, Ryabykh didn’t know that her criminal associates had revealed her plan to the authorities, and she now risks spending the rest of her days behind bars.

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Lawyer Maxes Out Credit Card at Shopping Mall, Fakes Kidnapping to Get Out of Paying

A Brazilian lawyer is currently under investigation after allegedly spending over 13,000 Brazilian reals ($2,700) at a shopping mall, and then claiming that someone had kidnapped him and used his credit card.

On May 19th, Rodrigo Barcelos de Oliveira, a lawyer from Rio de Janeiro, stormed into the 16th police precinct of the Brazilian city to report a serious crime. He told officers that earlier that day he was driving down the Avenida das Américas road when he was approached by two armed men on motorcycles and forced to pull over in the parking lot of Barra Shopping Center, a mall in the west side of Rio. There, one of the men took his credit card and spent five hours shopping around, while the other guy held him at gunpoint. He gave the men the PIN code to the card and they used it to the limit set by the bank. The kidnappers then left with the purchased products, his jewelry, phone, wallet and wedding ring.

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