Man Goes to Hospital for Gallbladder Surgery, Walks Out with Accidental Vasectomy

An Argentinian man got the shock of his life after undergoing what he thought was surgery on his gallbladder, only to later learn that the doctors had performed a vasectomy instead.

Earlier this week, 41-year-old Jorge Baseto went to the Florencio Díaz Provincial Hospital in Cordoba, Argentina, for a gallbladder surgery. The operation was scheduled for Tuesday, February 28, but due to circumstances out of his control, Jorge’s procedure was postponed to Wednesday. That is apparently the small detail that caused a viral malpractice scandal that has engulfed the whole country. On the day of the surgery, hospital staff came into the patient’s room, laid him on a stretcher, and without asking him a single thing or even checking his chart, they took him to the operating room. The doctors didn’t bother checking his chart either, so they just performed the type of surgery they had scheduled for the day, vasectomy.

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