Brazilian Model Launches Perfume Laced With Her Own Sweat

Wanessa Moura, a 29-year-old Brazilian model and online influencer, has been getting a lot of attention because of her new perfume, which she claims includes her body sweat as an ingredient.

The Sao Paolo-based model claims that she was inspired to use her sweat to create her signature fragrance, Fresh Goddess, after her boyfriend and her ex-partner both praised her natural body odor as ‘sexy and exciting’. Each bottle of perfume contains 8 milliliters of sweat ‘for a touch of sensuality and femininity’, making it the ideal fragrance for dating and attracting the attention of someone you like. Moura claims that online followers who used Fresh Goddess confirmed its power of attraction with one person allegedly getting invited on a second date by her crush because of the perfume.

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