All Aboard the Controversy Inn’s Tram Apartments

Viewed as one of the most unusual hotels in the world, the Controversy Inn gives the term “room and board” a whole new meaning by repurposing old tramcars  as luxurious accommodations for guests.

Located in Holland’s Hoogwoud village, the Controversy Inn is run by two kooky Prince fans and offers visitors the unique opportunity of sleeping in fully reconditioned tramcars that used to run in Germany and Amsterdam years ago. It might not sound like the most comfortable stay, but the owners of this wacky establishment have gone out of their way to make the trams as cozy as possible. All the “rooms” feature double beds, showers and toilet facilities, a well-supplied kitchenette, and lovely decorations made from old-traffic lights, discarded furniture, car parts and other recycled objects. The three tramcars and the full-sized railway car have all been themed around different cultures around the world – America, Italy, France and Mexico – and come with their own matching type of breakfast. Frank and Irma Appel, the two motoring enthusiasts behind the Controversy Inn, sleep in an English-style Double-Decker bus they’ve somehow managed to insert right in the living-room of their picturesque farmhouse. How crazy is that?


The tram accommodations are not the only offbeat sights at the Controversy Inn. Frank and Irma also have a real fighter jet on their property that offers great views of the Dutch countryside, various artworks made from old tires, crazy car conversions, as well as domesticated animals running around. There is really nothing controversial about this unique rural tourist attractions, but as I mentioned, the owners are big fans of Prince, so they decided to name the place after the artist’s hit album, Controversy.


Rates for a stay at the unique Controversy Tram Inn go from €60 (USD$78.16) per person for the first night  to €50 (USD$65.13) for the second night and €60 (USD$78.16) for nights thereafter. But even if you don’t plan on staying for the night, this place is well worth a short visit, and the owners are more than happy to give you a guided tour.









Photos: Controversy Inn

Source: Spot Cool Stuff