Gaoqi Ling – China’s ‘Knife Edge Mountain’

Gaoqi Ling is a natural wonder in China’s Hunan Province, a mountain of perfectly smooth rock with an extremely narrow ridge that people love to traverse despite the apparent danger.

China’s Danxia Park is famous for its unique landforms, particularly the multicolored “Rainbow Mountain,” but it is home to other less-known but just as intriguing natural formations. Gaoqi Ling is one such natural wonder. Originally a watershed, this natural wonder had its steep ridges shaped by the water washing over them and then smoothed out by rain and wind. Today, the sharp ridges are often compared to a giant knife edge or the spine of a sleeping dragon with its ribs extending outwards.


Gaoqi Ling offers stunning views of Danxia Park, but some sections of its ridge are considered dangerous to traverse because there is no fence or cable to stop daredevils from slipping down the smooth sides of the mountain. Still, many choose to take the risk because it is said to bring good luck.

Imagine walking on this narrow path, hundreds of meters above ground, with nothing to keep you from sliding off, and then it starts to rain. Talk about a real-life nightmare scenario, right? Safe to say it pays off to bring some good climbing footwear.