Gas Station Toilet Makes You Feel Like a King While You’re Using It

Let’s be honest, finding clean and decent-smelling gas station toilets is hard enough, but one that makes you feel like royalty? Normally, I would say such a place doesn’t exist, but I recently saw these photos of a unique toilet in Quezon, the Philippines.

To be honest, I kind of already knew that gas station toilets in the Philippines can be quite different than what most of us are used, after writing about this Shell Gas Station toilet in Tagbilaran City, Bohol, which featured wood furniture, a bookshelf and even a phone next to the toilet bowl. But I didn’t know the island nation actually had a public toilet fit for a king until seeing some photos of a Petron gas station toilet in Quezon.

Photo: Allec Testado/Facebook

People sometimes refer to their own bathrooms as ‘the throne room’, but this particular gas station toilet is actually decorated to look like a medieval throne room. It features gilded wall and ceiling decorations, a big gilded mirror, a small chandelier and even a wooden throne frame around the toilet bowl. And Petron makes no secret of wanting it’s customers to feel like real-life kings when using their spectacular facility. Hanging on the walls is a big sign – with a gilded frame, obviously – that reads “At Petron you are KING!”.

So if you’re ever in Quezon and want to feel like a king for a few minutes, you know where to go.