Japanese Bar Replaces Seats and Tables with a Giant Ball Pit

If you ever feel like connecting with your inner child while sipping on your favorite alcoholic drink, the Ball Pool Bar Dive in Osaka, Japan, is probably the best place to do it.

Kids love ball pits, and the masterminds behind Ball Pool Bar Dive seem to think adults do too, so they got rid of the usual bar furniture and instead turned the place into a giant ball pit filled with over 20,000 colorful plastic balls. But there’s nothing remotely childish about the drinks menu, as you can order pretty much any alcoholic drink served at a regular bar, only instead of drinking yourself unconscious at a table, you get to do it buried up to your neck in balls, while other intoxicated patrons dive in all around you. What’s not to like?


Photo: Naoki/Twitter

A similar ball pit pop-up bar opened in San Francisco for two days last March and left visitors with some awesome memories, but luckily Ball Pool Bar Dive is a permanent venue, so you can swim in plastic balls and alcohol every day if you like.  In fact, the bar all-you-can-drink alcohol for 60- and 90-minute rates, and if you think drinking alcohol in a ball pit is a bad idea, you should know the owners thought that too, so they decided to serve the drinks in air-tight sealed containers to avoid spillage.


Photo: Ball Pool Bar Dive

If you’rethinking of hitting the ball Pool Bar Dive the next time you’re in Osaka, you should know that the 90-minute all-you-can-drink plan costs 3,000 yen ($20) for women and 3,000 yen ($30) for men. But if you’re thinking of bringing the kids, don’t. Access to this grown-up ball pit bar is restricted to people under 20.


Photo: Ball Pool Bar Dive


Photo: OsakaBob/Twitter


Photo: Tabelog

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