Man Proposes to Girlfriend with Epic GPS-Recorded Trek across Japan

If you thought Skywriting was a romantic way to propose, wait till you hear about GPS writing. The ingenious idea belongs to Yasushi Takahashi – a.k.a Yassan – who spent six whole months trekking through Japan as a way of proposing to his girlfriend. At the end of his journey, the GPS records of his travels spelled the phrase ‘Marry Me’ with a heart sign to boot.

It all started in 2008, when Yassan, then 31, quit his job and planned a journey through Japan, taking with him a GPS device and a map. His purpose was two-fold: to experience a Japan that he only knew in books, and also to draw a special message for his girlfriend using GPS tracking technology. Yassan managed to cover over 7,000 kilometers in six months, mostly by foot and sometimes by car, ferry or bicycle. Every place that he walked through was carefully planned beforehand to get the gigantic magic phrase just right.


As a part of his unique marriage proposal, Yassan created a seven-minute video describing his epic journey through Japan. It is divided into seven chapters, each one highlighting the various stages of his trek, starting from Hokkaido island where the GPS drawing began, to Hyodo Cliff in the Kyushu island where the trek ended. The footage contains photographs of his experiences, like eating fresh seafood, trekking on bad roads, climbing Mt. Fuji and visiting hot springs.

The journey and the video were made six years ago, but the story of Yassan’s proposal is still as heartwarming as ever. In fact, it was recently featured in a new documentary ad campaign series called The Walkumentary Series by hiking shoes maker Hi-Tech.

Yassan’s handiwork (or rather, legwork) is officially the world’s largest marriage proposal, and also holds the Guinness Record for the world’s biggest GPS drawing at 7,164 kilometers long!