Send Your Toys around the World with Japan’s Stuffed Animal Travel Agency

There comes a time in every plush toy’s life when they must leave the comfort of their homes and go backpacking through Europe and the US to learn about the different cultures out there. And it’s all possible thanks to a travelling agency from Japan called Unagi Travel. Their staff takes your toys around the world, shows them a good time and photographs them with popular tourist attractions.

Ms Azuma – who works for the agency, can send your beloved plush toy anywhere in Japan, Europe or the United States for a small fee. Your toy can take a complete tour of Tokyo for only $45 and see some of the country’s most famous onsen (hot springs) for $55. Any beloved stuffed friend is welcome as long as they don’t exceed 250 grams. To keep you updated on what your toy companion has been up to, Ms Azuma will also document the trip and immortalize every moment through videos and photos. One lucky pink animal visited the Schönbrunn Palace in Austria and a melancholic bear was photographed with her footprints on a secluded beach. Another lucky pair of toys was photographed at the Great Buddha of Kamakura, and guess what? Your beloved stuffed friend can be next.


As unusual as Unagi Travel’s services might seem to some – plushophiliacs not included –  Unagi Travel targets people who, for some reason, cannot visit these great places themselves. Generally, people who have phobias such as agoraphobia or who have physical conditions which limit their movement seek this kind of service. Provided with images and videos, these people can live vicariously through their stuffed companions and, in many cases, this has been very beneficial to their health. One woman who had become reclusive because of her illness, which made it hard for her to walk, regained the confidence to get better and leave the house for the first time in years after seeing pictures of her toy’s travels. “Seeing my stuffed animal traveling encouraged me. I began to think that I should do what I can do, instead of lamenting over things that I can’t,” she said. There are many other people in similar situations who found Ms Azuma’s services therapeutic and one woman in a wheelchair is a regular client. The travel agency also reported that even in the case of tragic events, seeing their beloved snuggle toys visiting beautiful places around the world cheered up their customers and inspired them to put themselves out there and try new things.


In case your inanimate friend is really stressed out and you want to send it to a relaxing retreat, another toy travel agency from the Czech Republic offer similar services which include massages, aromatherapy and even picnics, but at a much higher cost.






Photos; Unagi Travel

via Kotaku, CNN

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