Thai Restaurant Relies on Hunky Deliverymen to Fight Covid-19 Crisis

Restaurants have been among the most hard-hit businesses by the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, but one venue in Bangkok, Thailand has come up with an ingenious way to stay afloat in these troubled times – using hunky models as food deliverymen.

76 Garage, a restaurant in Bangkok’s Lat Phrao District, was known for its attractive and friendly staff long before the new coronavirus turned the whole world upside down, but now the owners of this popular eatery are actively relying on their reputation for having attractive male staff to boost their revenues. Last month, 76 Garage launched an ingenious promotional offer, which allows anyone in a 5-kilometer radius to have their food delivered by a muscular hunk if they order costs 300 baht ($9.5) or more. Not only do customers get some eye-candy with their food, but they can also have their picture taken with the friendly deliverymen, if they so desire.

Photo 76 Garage/Facebook

While most men were left unimpressed by the restaurant’s announcement, the campaign fulfilled its goal and then some. Photos of the muscular hunks with their unbuttoned shirts staring boldly into the camera started doing the rounds on social media, and news of the unusual delivery method spread like wildfire online. Whether it was just women who started ordering from 76 Garage, or if the extra exposure simply helped the restaurant across all demographics, no one know, but what matters is that daily orders grew considerably.


According to the owner of 76 Garage, many of the waiters there had worked as amateur models before joining the staff, so they all agreed to take part in photo shoots to promote the new delivery method. Apart from keeping their jobs and probably getting some nice tips, they also got to interact with new people and turn some of them into loyal customers.


On the 76 Garage Facebook page, members of the staff regularly host live videos, interacting with fans and taking delivery orders. Since deliveries and takeaway is the only way to do business these days, they’re going all in…

Interestingly, 76 Garage isn’t the only resturant that found massive success with the help of attractive, muscular male staff. A couple of years ago we wrote about Staneemeehoi (Shell Station), a popular shellfish restaurant in Bangkok with a very unusual waiting staff.

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