There Is a “Crappy” Poop-Themed Cafe in South Korea

Believe it or not, there’s a cafe in Seoul, South Korea that has poop as its central theme. From the outside, Poop Cafe looks perfectly normal but when it comes to service, everything comes with a toilet twist.

Coffee and tea, for instance, are served in adorable little toilet bowl-shaped cups. The foam art on the lattes are poop-shaped, as are the throw pillows and cushions that decorate the shop. Poop shaped scones are served with jam in a toilet bowl and the cups have cute poop faces on them too.


Photo: Instagram

Lexi, a blogger at Seoul Searching, wrote: “Inside, the cafe is surprisingly normal. Despite the ordinary interior, I began to find these quirky poop hidden treasures. A few squat toilets that had been turned into mini gardens occupied some floor space, porcelain cups with poops painted on them lined the shelves and colorful plush coils of ‘poop’ could be found on the tables, chairs, and in little nooks and crannies.”


Photo: Seoul Searching

She added that the toilet coffee mugs are available on request only for hot drinks, which makes sense because they aren’t too convenient to drink out of. She told Mashable that she particularly adores the chocolate-filled poop bread that’s sold at a stand right outside the cafe.


Photo: Seoul Searching

According to British expat Ken Kum Lee, who blogs at Seoul State of Mind, Poop Cafe is actually not much of a shocker for Korean standards. “I would say the ‘cute poop’ theme is very popular throughout Asia,” he told Mashable. “I wouldn’t say it’s pushing boundaries. I think it’s just the difference in culture.” He added that Korean youth love poop jokes and references.


Photo: Seoul Searching

Well, I suppose poop shaped regular food isn’t all that bad. At least it’s way better than food that actually tastes like crap!


Photo: Seoul Searching


Photo: Seoul Searching


Photo: Seoul Searching


Photo: Seoul Searching


Photo: Seoul Searching

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