Japanese Restaurant Serves Food That Literally Tastes Like Crap

We’ve featured our fair share of bizarre foods on Oddity Central, right from jam-filled sausages to charcoal cheddar cheese, but this latest dish in Japan definitely takes the cake as the weirdest ever. A new eatery owned by Japanese adult movie star Ken Shimizu has actually chosen to serve poo-flavored curry!

The dish is meant to be a tribute to Shimizu’s debut film – he apparently made it big by eating poop in a movie. So he decided to make ‘unko curry’ (poop curry) the signature dish at the newly opened ‘Curry Shop Shimizu’. The curry is supposedly made of ‘healthy ingredients like green tea, goya(bitter gourd), and cocoa-powder. But it looks at tastes like crap – and to amplify the gross effect, it is served in a toilet-shaped bowl!


According to Rocket News, the bizarre dish shows the restaurant’s desperation to grab headlines by creating “the world’s first” something. When they realized that poop-flavored dishes were virtually non-existent, they decided to be the first to put them on the menu. And who could better replicate the taste of crap than Shimizu himself, given his extensive experience in the area. A press release states that the flavor was achieved by combining bitter ingredients – senburi tea and goya. Cocoa powder and water were blended in to replicate the texture and color of crap.


The restaurant’s management actually conducted a survey to figure out if their idea would have any takers. Out of 400 men and women in their 20’s and 30’s, an overwhelming majority (75 percent) voted that they would never set foot in the shop, 10.5 percent felt that the idea wasn’t too insane, but they wouldn’t consider tasting the dish, 8.8 percent of the people said they might try it once, while 5.7 percent voted “hell yes, I want to go.”


Despite the disappointing results, the restaurant decided to roll with it anyway. They’re confident that the poop dish will create enough hype to have diners come in out of sheer curiosity. And for the brave souls who manage to wolf down the largest portion of unko curry, they’re offering a special commemorative sticker. Would you like to have a go?