Introducing the Dausage, a Sausage Filled with Fruit Jam

If you love odd culinary combinations, then the ‘dausage’ is just the thing for you. The half-donut, half-sausage is a savory-sweet mash-up of pork or beef and jam or custard, invented by web developer and food lover Liam Bennett.

“I was inspired to invent the dausage by the success of the cronut and the duffin,” the 37-year-old from Wales said. “I love jam donuts, and I really love those products, but I wanted to make something a bit different, so I came up with the idea of trying a sausage. I was trying to think what else you could mix with a donut. I was looking at things that go well with sweet things, duck with plum sauce. I thought I’d give the sausage a go because, well, I eat sausages.”


Bennett did admit that his bizarre idea wasn’t well received at first – every one thought he was crazy – but he insists that most people who have tried dausages have loved them. “There is always a bit of wariness to begin with when I describe the idea, but once they have tasted it they love it.”

If Facebook comments are any indication, dausages are certainly a hit. “So so tasty!!” wrote user Steve Leanne Rees. “Been there and got the T-shirt, and can’t wait to buy my first pack in the supermarket. Went out for a meal recently and my six-year-old daughter complained there was no jam in her sausages – I rest my case!”


Bennett revealed that the dish didn’t come out perfectly the first time he tried to create it. “We worked on a number of recipes over the last year or so, trying to come up with the best possible combination,” he said. “The main problem we had was with trying to cook the dausages with the jam inside them. The jam just melts into the meat, but that is what we are working on with our Kickstarter campaign.”

Once he’s raised sufficient funds, Bennett plans to build a dausage maker that can churn out thousands of jammy sausages at once, which he can sell at local food festivals and supermarkets. “I have had some interest for the idea from major retailers,” he said.


His current line-up of dausages includes pork and beef with custard, venison with strawberry custard, pork with strawberry jam, Cumberland with raspberry jam, and vegetarian with Primula cheese. “We’ve also looked at more traditional flavors – apple sauce with pork, mint with lamb – but, to be honest, they’re a bit boring. I’d rather go for newer flavors.” He plans to introduce vegan, gluten-free, and low-calorie versions to cater to a wider audience. Some of his recipe ideas include – Dorizos, Dipolates, Dankfurters, and Black Dudding!

Unfortunately, the Kickstarter campaign did not go as well as Liam had hoped. He only managed to raised £766 out of the £2,500 goal in 30 days, so his Dausages project did not get funded. But that’s definitely not the end of the road for this original culinary treat. If the success of these gummy bear-stuffed sausages is any indication, there really is a market for this stuff.


Photos: The Dausage/Facebook

Sources: The Dausage, CNN

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