Would You Spend a Night in This Mountain Cabin Perched on the Side of a Cliff?

La Casa en el Aire (literally ‘The House in the Air’ in Spanish) is a unique hostel perched on a cliff face, about 30 meters above ground, in the Colombian mountains.

Built primarily out of wood and featuring a tin roof, Casa en el Aire is attached to Cerro San Vicente, a monumental rock formation that rises up among the coffee landscape in rural Abejorral, Colombia’s Antioquia region. It is held in place by several steel wires connected to the cliff and supported by a long wooden pole also placed against the cliff. It stands about 20 meters above ground, at an altitude of about 2,500 meters above sea level. It is connected to a more stable-looking cable via a hanging bridge along the cliff face.

Photo: Casa en el Aire/Facebook

La Casa en el Aire is the brainchild of Colombian mountain climber Nilton López, who recently told RT that building this unusual lodge meant fulfilling an old dream of his. He is most proud of the fact that his creation is sustainable, with electricity being produced by solar panels, and all generated trash being collected and transported to Medellin.


Apart from staying and sleeping in a cabin suspended on the side of a giant rock, visitors of La Casa en el Aire can also engage in a variety of thrilling activities, such as zip-lining over a large valley right across from the cabin, bungee jumping out of the cabin, or spending the night in hammocks suspended on steel cables above the cabin.


Because La Casa en el Aire is located in a remote area of Abejorral, with no easy access to food an water, visitors are urged to bring canned and long lasting foods (dry bread, cookies, etc.), as well as a five liter bottle of water with them.