Purga Nightclub – Where Every Night Is New Year’s Eve

The holiday season is a truly magical time around the world. New Year’s Eve, especially, is seen as a time of hope and new beginnings, a time to forget the old and embrace the new. Most people are in high spirits, celebrating the coming of the new year with much pomp and gusto. But what if you got to celebrate it every single night of the year? Would it still be as much fun? Apparently it would, going by the success of ‘Purga’ – a nightclub in St. Petersburg, Russia, where every night is New Year’s Eve.

Everything that’s needed for a typical Russian New Year’s Eve celebration is available at the club. The Russian national anthem, the new year’s speech of Vladimir Putin on TV, fun costumes, decorations, contests, dancing and singing. Professional actors work at the club as ‘bunnies’, who are basically there to entertain people and make sure they forget all their worries. Ever since Purga was started way back in 2002, it has been popular in town, with table reservations being made at least a week in advance.

Photo © Purga Club

Most customers at Purga say it’s great because they couldn’t celebrate the real New Year’s Eve with friends and family due to work. So now, they get a chance to join in all the fun. According to the club’s owners it has been so popular in St. Petersburg that another one has been opened in Moscow recently. New Year’s Eve, after all is more about the spirit of the people than the day itself. So among a crowd of happy folks sporting sparklers and champagne, I’m guessing it’s not all that hard to believe it really is the last day of the year. What a wonderful way to usher in the new year, or in this case, well, the next day.